Glizzy Royale
NFT Staking System
The amount of $GLIZZY you earn will depend on two factors:
  • The rarity of your NFT
  • The length of your lock-in period
Rarity Multipliers
  • Common/Uncommon: 1x
  • Rare: 1.5x
  • Super Rare: 3x
  • Mythic Rare: 6x
  • Fusion Rare: 10x
Length Multipliers:
  • 7 days: 1x
  • 14 days: 1.2x
  • 30 days: 1.5x
By staking an NFT with a fusion rare trait for 30 days, you will receive a 15x multiplier on your daily yield.
This rarity-weighted system creates a strong incentive to use the fusion system to obtain higher rarity NFTs.
When both the fusion and staking systems are working in harmony, the collection size and percentage of NFTs listed on secondary markets should gradually decrease.
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