Glizzy Royale

How can I mint one of the Genesis NFTs?

We will be announcing a mint date on Twitter and Discord (see socials section for links). Join the discord for the latest updates. Whitelist spots are still available!

Where will the mint take place?

We will announce this together with the mint date. Follow us on Twitter and hop into our discord to keep up with the latest news.

Is the team doxxed? Does the team plan to be public?

The team will be doxxed prior to the genesis NFT collection mint date.

Will you need one of the Genesis NFTs to play the game?

No. A core pillar of our game is accessibility. We want as many people as possible to play Glizzy Royale.
You will not need any NFTs to jump into a game, though having an NFT weapons (these will be airdropped to holders of the genesis collection) will give you a more consistent gamplay experience.

How will staking work exactly?

Stakers will accumulate $GLIZZY in exchange for locking up their genesis NFT through our staking protocol. Staking rewards are weighted based on rarity (see "NFT Staking System" section to learn more).
Keep in mind, the $GLIZZY will not be going into circulation until later into the development cycle of the project (following our public sale process).
We do not think it makes sense to have $GLIZZY live months prior to the game's release. We believe taking this approach will benefit holders in the long run.
Our staking protocol will keep track of how long NFTs are staked and which wallet they are connected with. Once $GLIZZY goes live, stakers will have the token airdropped to their respective wallets.

Is there a risk or downside with fusion?

The answer to this question depends on what your goal is with fusion. You can read more about the fusion process in the "NFT Fusion System" section.
Fusing two NFTs together gives you incredible odds to get rarer traits. Every fusion has a 1% chance to create a new trait that is only attainable through fusion. Stakers will benefit from this system as NFTs with higher rarity traits will provide massive multipliers on daily yields.
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