Glizzy Royale
The Game Map
We had a few objectives in mind when developing our gameplay map:
  1. 1.
    Create points of interest inspired by the Solana NFT ecosystem
  2. 2.
    Design key chokepoints that will create highly contested “hotspots”
  3. 3.
    Build a diversity of terrains to avoid a repetitive gameplay experience
Glizzy Royale Game Map

Honoring Solana NFT Communities

We are incredibly grateful for the amazing projects that have paved the way for us. The GGA team has held many of the projects involved in our initial game map and will continue to support projects outside of our own (which we do think is awesome too).
Our game will be more than just a self-contained experience, it will help bring the Solana NFT community closer together.

Strategic Chokepoints

The river that flows out of the Pesky Penguin Pond and runs to the southernmost point of the map is a strategic geographical divide that creates key chokepoints in the map. There are two bridges that will serve as access points across the river. One will be located all the way at the bottom of the map near the sandy beaches and the other one will be right at the center of map near the Degen District.

Terrain Diversity

We came into our design phase with the goal of ensuring every area felt unique. Beaches, jungles, swamps, and cities are just some of the terrains found throughout the Glizzy Royale game map.
We want to build from this principle and gradually evolve the game map overtime. Each “season” of Glizzy Royale could introduce new points of interest. We will ultimately listen the feedback of the player base and seek to constantly iterate the map.
The current layout is by no means the final one.
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Honoring Solana NFT Communities
Strategic Chokepoints
Terrain Diversity