Glizzy Royale
High-Level Roadmap
The below is a high-level perspective on our development plans following launch. Each of these bullet points will be further fleshed out in our discord annoucements.
  • Begin development on Glizzy Royale with our in-house team (see team section)
  • Formalize initial game development document and make key hires to strengthen our in-house team
  • Begin discussions with private investors for future fundraising round
  • Launch working demo with goal of showcasing fluid combat mechanics and dynamic fast-paced gameplay potential
  • Private beta testing rounds begin in collaboration with competitive e-sports gamers with goal of gathering extensive user feedback on gameplay and anti-cheat systems
  • $GLIZZY token public sale followed by DEX listing
  • Glizzy Royale in-game marketplace launch using our in-game utility token, $GLIZZY, as a currency
  • First exclusive in-game NFT airdrops to holders of genesis collection (airdrops will feature 3D weapons and rare 2D texture skins that can be applied to weapon NFTs)
  • Game launch of our flagship battle royale game mode with integrated web 3.0 functionality
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