Glizzy Royale
In-Game Economy
The Glizzy Royale in-game economy revolves around $GLIZZY, our core utility token. $GLIZZY will be used as a medium of exchange for NFT weapons, 2D textured weapon skins, in-game perks, and a variety of wearable cosmetics for your in-game character.


Glizzy Royale will feature classic weapon archetypes including assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, and pistols. There will also be more niche weapons like explosives, throwing knives and crossbows.

How will players obtain weapon NFTs?

We will conduct multiple rounds of exclusive airdrops for holders of the genesis NFT collection. These airdrops will include the first wave of weapons that enter the Glizzy Royale ecosystem. Weapons will be tradable on secondary markets.
Our unique achievement system will give players that miss out on airdrops or are priced out of the secondary market, an opportunity to obtain high-tier weapons through purely skill or time-based accomplishments (more on this in the next section).
"Pump, Pump, Pass"


We love flexing cosmetics in games.
Glizzy Royale will feature both 2D and 3D textured cosmetic items including:
o Weapon Skins
o Character Skins
o Mech Buns
o Wearable Headwear
Weapon skins will be obtainable through holder-exclusive airdrops, but mainly through our achievements (medals) system (see next section).
Wearables including your glizzy's skin, mech bun and headwear will not be tradable on-chain as they will be based on the respective genesis NFTs that you currently own.


Perks are unique passive and active mechanics that add a level of complexity and depth to Glizzy Royale.
At this time, none of these mechanics are finalized before we enter beta testing, at which point we will be able to understand how different mechanics fit into the game meta.
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