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As discussed in the "Gameplay Philosophy" section, we are laser-focused on delivering fundamentally strong core gameplay mechanics prior to expanding the scope of Glizzy Royale.
If we can create a strong base to the Glizzy Royale pyramid, it will allow us to iterate and build out the scope of the project moving forward.
There is a healthy balance to strike between launching a rushed product and spending too much time building out ancillary systems that are not needed for the core gameplay loops to work. We believe focusing on the essentials and building out additonal systems post-launch strikes the perfect balance for our team.

User Feedback & Testing

Collecting extensive feedback from user testing will play an integral role in going to market in a timely fashion. Getting seasoned gamers from e-sports organizations into our alpha and beta testing rounds will allow us to iterate faster and ensure the game launches in a balanced state.
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Fundamentals > Complexity
User Feedback & Testing